Just a Little Cloth Inc., a children's charity, was envisioned by two young girls with big hearts.

Our vision is to provide young  girls in need with the joy of owning a beautiful new dress.

It may not seem like much, but to a young girl who has never had much, seeing herself in a beautiful new dress can change the way she sees herself. We hope to help provide these girls the confidence and self esteem to believe anything is possible and their dreams can come true.

Just a Little Cloth


A Children's Charity

Miss California USA, Natalie Pack

My name is Natalie Pack and I am the 2012 winner of the Ms. California pageant. I joined JALC as a spokesperson, because I believe the charity represents much of what my message and platform is as Ms. California. One of my goals is to help give young girls self-esteem and confidence as it is so critical to a positive self image. I believe, as JALC embodies, that a small gesture of a beautiful, new dress may help girls have hope and believe that anything is possible. Please help support this charity, I so strongly believe in.

Meet our Spokesperson